"But Jesus called the children to Him and said,“Let the little children come to Me and do not hinderthem! For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18:16

Our children ministry is a very special ministry as our shurch was established by this Children Ministry. "Sunshine Sunday School" is the name of our children ministry. We have sunday school every sunday at 4 PM in our church premises. Many children in and around our church come and participate in the sunday school actively. We have singing session where we teach them songs about Lord Jesus christ and the children enjoy the singing session very much. On random weeks we conduct games or special activities that teach them good values, biblical truth and good virtues and guide them to live an exemplary life.

We separate the childrens based on their age or school grade as tiny tots(LKG and UKG), beginners(1st and 2nd), primary(3rd,4th,5th), junior(6th,7th,8th), intermediate(9th,10th), senior(11th,12th) and super senior(college) and have both english and tamil mediums and teach them from the Bible. The sunday school teachers are brothers and sisters who have personally accepted Lord Jesus Christ and live a life pleasing to God. They prayerfully prapare the class pertaining to each age group and share the word of God to the childrens who come to sunday school. We follow the CEFI syllabus for children and use it to prepare for the group class. The syllabus has a sequence of Bible portion separated into 13 weeks on any Bible topic(Example - LIfe of Jesus, Wonderful Book, Heroes of Faith...).

Each quarter we also conduct special program for children where we invite people from outside who are working among children. We also take the children for a one day tour to any place in chennai. The children enjoy themseleves and look forward to this day. We also conduct christmas program and encourage children to bring their friends and parents and share the Gospel with them.

The sunday school annual day will be conducted on the last week of May and First week of June in which we will have singing competition and Drama and prize distribution respectively. We invite special Judges for the singing competition from other church. We have indivdual singing , family singing and group singing. The individual singing are categorized based on the age group and judged. The students who attend english medium sing in English and tamil medium students sing in Tamil. The group singing is where the Boys team and Girl team sing an english and tamil group song. During this time we choose leaders from the Boys and Girls and encourage them to guide the children and thus teaching the senior students the quality of leadership. We also conduct quiz competition as a part of annual day where we select a book from BIble and make them study and conduct the quiz in three rounds.

On the annual day the children pertaining to each age group perform a skit , drama or song based on the theme of that year. Finally we give the prizes to them based on their attendance, memory verse and scripture exam.

Each year, during the month of May(Second week) we conduct Vacation Bible School(VBS) and invite children around the Royapuram area. The VBS is a 6 days program, five days the children will be taught songs, Memory verse and Word of GOD and on the last day, the children showcase whatever they learnt and receive prizes. Nearly 300 children participate in the VBS every year and learn from the Bible. 

The sunday school is also conducted in nearby areas in Royapuram. The Lord has indeed blessed this ministry abundantly and we thank God for strengthening and providing grace to each and everyone who are part of this ministry.